Hi, I’m Jana

And I’m just a girl, standing in front of a fridge, concocting meals.

That’s Vincent and our cat, Poefpaf. Vincent likes eating my cooking. The cat likes to watch us cook. 

I enjoy cooking almost as much as I enjoy eating.

I relish in a good glass of wine while cooking, always. It’s bad luck not to.

I have been awarded the “Master Chef” award for two years running at our annual work year-end function. A highly coveted accolade. Thus I am totally qualified to present my scrumptious recipes to the world. 

I started flogging (food blogging) purely for personal fulfillment in the hope of someday having compiled my own virtual cookbook. And perhaps a little bit to inspire someone out there to also dive stomach-first into cooking a great meal with whatever ingredients the fridge has to offer.

The recipes you’ll find here are all of dishes that Vincent and I (and sometimes our friends too) devoured on that day; so it’s kind of like I’m giving you a glimpse into my stomach. I don’t eat carbs, but Vincent loves them. So you’ll see a variety of both kinds of dishes here. Generally, we consider ourselves “healthy eaters”. 

Disclaimer: All content you read on this site are entirely my own concoctions and opinions, not endorsed or sponsored by any legitimate companies or brands.

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