Pasta alla Jana

Many years ago I reluctantly gave up pasta forever (well, there are cheat days once a year or so) and I have missed it every single day since that foolish decision was made. Alas I sometimes brave the pasta cooking process anyways, swallowing my urge to gobble it all up myself, torturing myself for Vincent's … Continue reading Pasta alla Jana

Wors & Salad

Last night I once again found myself scavenging through the fridge for scraps with which to concoct a meal. With lettuce and other salad-like ingredients aplenty, and a pack of wors staring up at me, a simple yet yummy meal was to be had. Who's hungry? Vincent and I so this recipe serves 2. Ingredients … Continue reading Wors & Salad

Mutton Stew

On a gloomy, rainy day there's nothing quite like home-made stew to warm you up from the inside. Lucky for us our freezer had a sneaky pack of stewing meat at the back, so stew is what we had! I wasn't in the mood for effort and frills so of course the pressure cooker came … Continue reading Mutton Stew

Stuffed Butternut

AKA Stuffed Butties I love stuffing things. Case in point: these deliciously stuffed-with-love butternuts. It's been a really gloomy, rainy day and I didn't even try to think about what we would eat for dinner tonight. Luckily we had a butternut in the pantry and a couple of leftover mushrooms, plus a bag of spinach … Continue reading Stuffed Butternut