Peas with Mint, Garlic & Chilli

I love peas. In summer I eat handfuls of frozen peas as a refreshing and crunchy snack, and in winter I regularly enjoy it in stews and soups. This side dish turns the ordinary pea into a fresh, zesty mouthful with a kick. Added bonus: it works hot or cold. Who's hungry? Vincent and I, … Continue reading Peas with Mint, Garlic & Chilli


Tomato Smoor

If you're not South African, you're missing out on one of the simplest yet satisfying meals ever -- a boerewors roll. Also lovingly known as a boerie. There are proper boeries and budget boeries. A budget boerie consists of hotdog buns, boerewors, tomato sauce (ketchup) and maybe a squirt of mustard. A proper boerie has … Continue reading Tomato Smoor