Steak Tortillas

What's great about tortillas is that they're basically just sleeping bags for any mixture of ingredients and sauces, helping you take one big bite of it all at once. I love it! This time we had some leftover spicy rice that Vincent made with a previous meal. All I had to do was add steak … Continue reading Steak Tortillas

Ostrich Goulash

This was my first time making goulash... and a double-first for me to be using ostrich meat instead of beef. Throughout lockdown, Vincent and I have been avoiding leaving the house for any reason whatsoever so we've been using an app called Bottles to get groceries delivered to our home. Sometimes items are out of … Continue reading Ostrich Goulash

Tuna Salad

Salads are my thing. I don't mean to brag but around my neck of the woods I'm kind of a salad sensei. My close friends know it's the one dish I'll always bring to a braai or offer to make for a dinner party. I love making them and I love eating them even more. … Continue reading Tuna Salad

Tomato Smoor

If you're not South African, you're missing out on one of the simplest yet satisfying meals ever -- a boerewors roll. Also lovingly known as a boerie. There are proper boeries and budget boeries. A budget boerie consists of hotdog buns, boerewors, tomato sauce (ketchup) and maybe a squirt of mustard. A proper boerie has … Continue reading Tomato Smoor

Carb Free Wraps with Honey-glazed Bacon & Green Pepper Filling

You know I'm a sucker for carb free anything. Pick n Pay has finally joined the bandwagon and now offers carb free cauliflower-based wraps called 'Carb Sharp Tortilla Wraps' that can be heated and enjoyed within seconds. Good on you, PnP! Naturally, I scavenged my pantry and bottom fridge drawer for filling ingredients. I found … Continue reading Carb Free Wraps with Honey-glazed Bacon & Green Pepper Filling